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Some subject
Updated 13 days ago
Some subject is here
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building at 303 East 43rd Street
Updated 15 days ago
anyone know why this is so !@#$%^ cheap? just bought a place and this is pissing me off. you know this blg?
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Verizon Fios cables?
Updated 15 days ago
Hi All, Just had Verizon door knock me here on Henry St (corner Clark) that they are wanting to run a fiber for FIOS along the fence line (between Henry and...
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Bulk Condo Sale Example?
Updated 15 days ago Not sure if it is related party transaction. It seems that it took a while for the developer to do bulk sale. Very nice...
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Updated 15 days ago
Does any one has info about this building? Any comments about financial (very high maintenance), and neighborhoods? Thank you!
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Signing off plumbing permit?
Updated 15 days ago
How hard is it for a plumber to sign off a plumbing permit? My architect says he needs this done before coming to inspect and signing off the job, but the plumber said...
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Eliminating The Property Tax Deduction...........
Updated 15 days ago
Along with the city and state Income Tax Deduction. Part of Trump's tax reform proposal. How will that affect Real Estate...
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